M&A Announcement:
As of 1st March 2017, Ultravision was acquired by LINX Corporation – an expert and industry-leader in the distribution of machine vision products with 27 years of history and over 70 employees. Presently housed under the LINX Group umbrella, Ultravision is now rebranded as LINX SINGAPORE.
LINX Singapore is the leading Machine Vision distributor in Southeast Asia, with a strong coverage in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We provide the best-in-class machine vision components such as industrial cameras and lenses, accompanied by cutting edge vision inspection software and systems.

News & Events

30 Nov 2017

LMI Techlogies Releases Dedicated 3D Solution For Non-contact Volume Gauging In The Automotive Industry

30 Nov 2017

Teledyne DALSA Announces Production of Industry’s First Line Scan Polarization Camera

13 Oct 2017

Acquisition of Ultravision by LINX Corporation

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Industry Applications

Solar Cell Panel Inspection

Vision systems can solve challenges in solar panel manufacturing caused by the need for precise layering of glass, metal, semiconductors and antireflective coatings. With demand for more efficiency, improved quality, and reduced costs, solar cell manufacturers are using machine vision systems to meet their goals.

Adhesive and Sealant Inspection

The inspection of adhesives and sealants (typically applied as beads) is a critical quality control step in the assembly of electronics. To meet this challenge, Gocator all-in-one 3D smart sensors offer a complete solution to ensure correct bead volume and location without overflow or breaks.

Food & Packaging Inspection

Industrial vision inspection systems do have a vital role to play in the quality control for many food and pharmaceuticals.

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